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The Kangaroo Valley Historical Society plays an active role in the curating the objects in the Pioneer Museum, including objects, documents and photographs donated by families from the Valley plus recording the history of Kangaroo Valley including family history and local events.

Members of the Historical Society meet on the second Tuesday of every month at the Pioneer Museum Park. The Historical Society takes is actively interested in the history of the Shoalhaven area with an emphasis on Kangaroo Valley. History recorded includes family history of past and present Kangaroo Valley residents. Inquiries are to assist in recording the history of the Kangaroo Valley (written, oral or visual) or to help with the Museum displays are always welcome.

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The Moorhouse Dairy Boiler
Moorhouse & Chittick discussion

Pioneer Village Celebrations
30 & 50 year celebrations 2003

The Kangaroo Valley Show
Kangaroo Valley Show 1956

Back to Kangaroo Valley 1953
Old Showground activities 1953

Additional publications

Illawarra Aborigines 1770-1850 by Michael Organ
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