Things to do

The Pioneer Village Museum is a place of learning, relaxation and fun for the whole family. Most of the exhibits can be observed from close range, some items can even be touched, like our hand operated water pump or the wishing well.

AOfficeMaps, books, Bundy Clock, Quiz
BRendall Cottage18th century house
CChittick MuseumLoads of antique items
DSaddleryLots of leather items
EMachinery ShedFarm machinery
FMachinery ShedFarm and transport
GToilet Block
HMachinery ShedFarm implements
ISettler’s HutBushman’s living quarters
JThe Barrel of FunFun for kids
KGeorge Walker BridgeSwing Bridge (to bushwalks)
LThe Old SchoolLearning the old way
MThe pondCross the bridge
NWishing WellMake a wish
OWindmillGoes when the wind blows
PForgeSee the large bellows
QDairyMilk, Cream and Butter making tools
RBarbeque ShelterRest a while
SBarbecuesGas ones for the cook
TSelby RocksBig rocks with secrets
UHampden Bridge trussWhat’s under the Bridge

At the Museum site

  • Clock in on the Bundy Clock, do the quiz and Bundy out!
  • Children (and adults) can ring the School Bell.
  • Press a button in the Chittick Hall or in the Light Horse Brigade Room and hear interesting details told by locals.
  • Visit the old Settlers Hut and watch a video about how timber splitting and fence making was done more than a hundred years ago.
  • Have a run on the Fun-barrel outside the Settlers Hut.
  • Listen to a re-enacted School Lesson in the old bush school.
  • Drop your coins in the Wishing Well.
  • Have a closer look at the double-seated Family Loo.
  • Smell the leather and wax in the Horse Saddlery.
  • Study the Family Tree on the verandah of the Rendall Cottage and later take a drive to the Kangaroo Valley historic cemetery to compare names and years.
  • Find out more about your own ancestors with the help of the Museum’s computer archive system.
  • Sit down for a lunch in the BBQ area.
  • Take photos of the park, the old buildings and Hampden Bridge.

Across the suspension bridge

Cross the suspension bridge will bring you to the start to the bushwalking area. Here you will find a quick 20 minute bushwalk and a 90 minute marked bush walk track. Discover the scribbly-ghost gums, many species of native trees and plants and of course, the wildlife. Look for the echidnas, lizards, wombats and kangaroos and wallabies.